What is Herbalism?

 Herbalism in short is the study of plants for their medicinal uses for treating various conditions. You can learn more about herbalism here.


Is Herbalism Safe? 

 Absolutely! Herbalists study extensively in order to be certified. That's why it's important to only use herbs you can be 100% you have properly identified them, or work with a certified herbalist such as Claudia Stocker. 


Where can I find Claudia and her products in person? 

 Claudia currently attends the Ticheglaar Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings and sells her products there. Be sure to send an email and ask about local pickup or to schedule an appointment if that's something you're interested in.

What's the difference between herbalism and homeopathy? 

The biggest difference between herbalism and homeopathy is that while herbalism treats conditions exclusively with botanicals, homeopathy will use other items such as metals, milks, poisons or parts of different animals, such as, tissues, etc. for treatment.